Outsource your administrative duties...

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with work and wish that you had more help but don’t have enough money to hire extra staff? Wouldn’t it be nice to devote all your time to promoting your business instead of doing basic administrative tasks? Wilkerson’s Business Support, LLC is here to provide the assistance you need to make sure you have time to run a successful business. Our mission statement is to provide individuals and businesses with exceptional administrative support and most importantly, great customer service. We aid companies without administrative assistance, companies that need help on special projects, and business owners that do not have the time or resources to perform tedious administrative tasks themselves. The services we provide include editing and formatting, transcription, and word processing just to name a few. Please click on the services tab for a basic list of our services.

Wilkerson’s Business Support, LLC is co-owned by Derek and Patrice Wilkerson. Derek and Patrice’s decision to start Wilkerson’s Business Support, LLC was brought on by their entrepreneurial spirit and the positive feedback they have received from co-workers and supervisors during their corporate careers. They saw a need to offer administrative services to businesses and individuals who need someone to ease their workload and to give them a breath of fresh air. They are dedicated to servicing your business needs and are willing and able to take care of your tedious tasks so you can concentrate on operating your business.

There are many benefits
to outsourcing your administrative duties:

  • No need to hire full time employees
  • No payroll costs
  • No overhead costs
  • No training costs
  • No need to pay for vacation time or sick days
  • No need to pay for employee benefits such as health insurance and workers’ compensation
  • This can save you and your business thousands of dollars a year.

Wilkerson’s Business Support, LLC